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Dear colleagues,

We are looking forward to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Swiss Society of Cardiology at the 2018 Congress from 6 – 8 June in Basel.

70 years – they are reason enough to look back on developments in the fields of cardiology and cardiac surgery and look forward, speculate, and dream about future advancements. This will be the special focus of the 2018 programme and we plan to invite keynote speakers in different areas of the field to highlight on history but especially also future developments.

We are very much looking forward to celebrating this special occasion with you, our society and industry partners in cardiovascular medicine. We are pleased to return to the Congress Center in Basel that now offers new lecture rooms and therefore also a new concept for the congress.

We are very much looking forward to seeing and celebrating with you in Basel!

Best regards

Prof. Dr. med. François Mach
Congress President

Prof. Dr. med. Michael Zellweger
President Swiss Society of Cardiology

Dr. med. Marjam Rüdiger-Stürchler
Scientific Secretary and Director SSC

Prof. Dr. med. Michele Genoni
President Swiss Society of Cardiac Surgery