Registration Fees

All fees are in CHF. Registration fees for the conference are exempt from Swiss VAT, the fees for socials events include 8.1% Swiss VAT.

Registration Category 3-Day-Pass
Up to 18 April 2024
As from 19 April 2024
Up to 18 April 2024
As from 19 April 2024
Members* CHF 320 CHF 450 CHF 190 CHF 260
Non-members CHF 470 CHF 600 CHF 270 CHF 340
Junior members;
Physicians in training;
Nurses and allied professions;
Therapists** - Members
CHF 140 CHF 200 CHF 80 CHF 110
Physicians in training;
Nurses and allied professions;
Therapists** - Non-Members
CHF 190 CHF 240 CHF 150 CHF 200
Students*** CHF 110 CHF 180 CHF 70 CHF 100
Press**** CHF 0 CHF 0 na na

* Members with a valid membership for 2024 of all below listed partner societies may register as Member:
Swiss Society of Cardiology, Swiss Society of Cardiac Surgery, Swiss Association for Nursing Science, Swiss Cardiovascular Therapists, Swiss Society of Emergency and Rescue Medicine, Swiss Society of Hypertension, Swiss Society of Paediatric Cardiology, Swiss Society of Perfusion
** Junior members / PhDs / Physicians in training / Nurses and allied professions /Therapists need to upload a valid proof confirming their status (pdf or jpg).
***Students are requested to upload a proof of status (e.g. copy of valid student ID) during registration (pdf or jpg).
****Press members are invited free of charge to the Annual Meeting, a copy of the press ID needs to be uploaded during registration (pdf or jpg).

Networking Opportunities - Thursday, 20 June 2024
Members and Non-members CHF 165
Junior members; PhDs; Physicians in training;
Nurses and allied professions; Therapists
CHF 110
Faculty* CHF 80

* Kindly note: Due to high no-show rates of the faculty during the last years, the committee was forced to introduce a small fee for faculty members to increase the commitment to their registration.

What is included?

The registration fee includes:

·         Admission to all scientific sessions

·         Admission to industrial exhibition and industry sponsored sessions

·         3-Day-Passes include train ticket to and from the conference center

Registration Tutorial Videos

Navigating the registration process has never been easier, thanks to our comprehensive tutorial videos. Our step-by-step videos are designed to guide you seamlessly through the registration process.

How to register (individual)

How to register (group)


Train Ticket

A 1st class train ticket is included in the 3-Day-Passes for congress participants. The train ticket entitles you to a return journey from your place of residence or arrival in Switzerland to Lausanne and back in the period from 18 – 22 June 2024.

A coupon code will be sent to you by e-mail shortly before the congress starts and if full payment has been received. You can redeem your code either at, via your mobile phone or at the ticket counter at your train station, in order to book your free train ticket for Lausanne. No paper train tickets will be sent anymore. Last train tickets will be sent by email on Tuesday, 18 June, 18.00h.

The train ticket is not included in the participation fees for day tickets, press representatives and exhibitors.



The payment methods offered are credit card (AMEX, MasterCard or Visa) and bank transfer (invoice). However, payment by bank transfer is only possible until 12 June 2024, 23:59 CEST.
Registration will only be vaild upon receipt of the full payment by the registration department according to the deadline indicated.


Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be sent to Participants have the right to cancel the registration within 14 days of the conclusion of the agreement, i.e. from the receipt of the registration invoice email. the right of withdrawal is lost if the participant attends the congress before the expiry of the right of withdrawal.
Name changes to an existing registration are possible. A handling fee of CHF 50 will be charged per request. Requests must be sent to including the name of the participant that cancels as well as the name and email address of the new participant. Requests will only be accepted by email and until 10 May 2024.
Correction of spelling mistakes or swapping first name and last name due to incorrect submission will be charged with CHF 10.


Third Party Registration ("I want to register someone else")

To register a third-party, please log in or create an SSC/SSC Meeting account Do not use someone else's credentials. After logging-in please click on "individual registration" and start the registration process. You will be asked if you would like to register yourself or someone else. Please click on "someone else" and enter the email address of your guest as well as the name and address details and continue with the registration. This way you are the registration owner (contact person), the registration invoice is sent to you exclusively.


Group Registration

To proceed with your group registration, please log in / create a profile here.
Once logged in, please click on the tab "group registration". The first step is to buy a contingent by selecting the number of required registration tickets per category. you will receive a confirmation / invoice by email.
Payment can either be done by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Amex) or bank transfer. A different invoice address can be added separately.
Individual participant's data can be entered under "add participants". you can either add them one by one or upload a name list.
To upload the name list, please click on "import" and "get template". Please fill in the excel file, all columns marked with an * area mandatory. You can then "upload" it to import the data.

To register your delegates, the following data is required for every participant:

  • Email address (please use a valid and unique email address per person
  • First name and last name
  • Company name / institution
  • City
  • Country
  • Proof of status if the registration category requires it (e.g. Students; PhDs; Physicians in training; Nurses and allied professions; Therapists)

Once the entry of participants data is completed, the registration tickets need to be allocated to the participants (click on "Distribution" to allocate the tickets).
It is possible to purchase registrations without having all group members' details prior to the early bird deadline. However, by 12 June 2024 at 23:59 CEST, you must enter / upload your group members' details and assign all purchased registrations via your group registration account.
Registration confirmations can be sent to your guests in your group account. Please click on «group registration» and "registration confirmations". The registration team will send no confirmations to your guests.

Important Note

The participant acknowledges that he/she has no right to lodge damage claims against the organisers should the holding of the congress be hindered or prevented by unexpected political or economical events or generally by "force majeure", or should the non-appearance of speakers or other reasons necessitate programme changes. With his/her registration, the participant accepts this provision.

Participants are not obliged to allow exhibitors to scan their badge in the exhibition area or when entering an industry symposia. Participants must show their badge for prove of access rights, but do not need to allow a company to scan it. With allowing a company to scan, you acknowledge that your registration details will be forwarded to the exhibitor.

During the congress photographs will be taken. This serves the purpose of publication on the website and/or on social media platforms of the organiser. It may hereby be possible that persons onsite are also photographed in a way that they can be identified. The legal basis for photographing is Article 6, Paragraph 1, lit. f GDPR, the organiser's legitimate interest is to publicly document the event.

This is explicitly stated at each event. If required, you can obtain information at the registration helpdesk of the event if you do not wish that photographs on which you are identifiable will be published.


For assistance with registration, please contact the registration team at