Speed Mentoring

SCOT Speed Mentoring

Wednesday, 19 June 2024, 12:45 - 14:00 CEST

This event is intended to give early career cardiologists the opportunity to learn about different career options and working fields personally from people who have each pursued diverse paths in their work life.


12:45     Opening
13:00     Start Speed Mentoring - 6 rounds à 10 minutes
14:00     End

Speed Mentoring

Speed Mentoring will be offered to all interested participants.
Experts from different fields of cardiology will take part with each expert/mentor manning a designated table.
Mentees or other interested participants will distribute to these tables and exchange for 10min.
An acoustic signal will indicate the end of the round and allow for the group of mentees to rotate (clockwise) to the next expert/mentor for another round of exchange. At the end of the event, every group will have visited each expert/mentor.


Topic "Imaging"   |   Dominik Benz
Topic "Rhythmology"   |   Gonca Suna
Topic "HF, Prevention"   |   Elena Tessitore
Topic "Industry"   |   Pascal Koepfli
Topic "Private practice"   |   Jacqueline Landolt
Topic "Interventional (Coronary/Structural)"   |   Thomas Nestelberger


Congress Center Beaulieu Lausanne, Level 2, Foyer Londres


The event is open to all participants of the conference and free of charge.